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Flash & Video Projects

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I don't have much experience in flash, but I have made a few short animations. Maybe in the future I'll play a little more with it. I have recently been toying with creating a game in flash. It is very complex and just getting the math right is difficult, but hopefully soon I'll get something worth publishing on the site. For now though, enjoy the projects.

Great Action Momments on TV Vol. 1

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Great Action Momments on TV Vol. 2

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Freak Bus Accident Volume 1.1

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Star Wars Jason Ocampo Dub 1.0

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V.E.N.O.M. Recruitment Video 1.5

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Transall Saga "Blue Light" Effect

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A Bug Story

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Audio Projects

The audio section of my site is meant to house funny mixes that I have created. The latest mix is the quantum of solace theme song since it is so strange of a name to have as a bond film that I should create the theme song. Enjoy.

(Right click on the text and Save target as if you want to get the mp3)

Quantum of Solace Theme Song (voice by Chris Carle)

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I've re-editted the Quantum of Solace Theme Song to last longer and sound more epic. Let me know what you think of this one.

Quantum of Solace Theme Song REVISED (voice by Chris Carle)

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Photoshop Projects

Click on the picture that you wish to see larger. Each picture will have a paragraph below it describing the background and ideas that derived to its creation. If you want to download the picture, just right-click the image after you single click it and click "save target as". Choose location for image and Enjoy!

LGD 3 Desktop Background Bloody CareBears
The third desktop background for Little Green Dwarf Productions and Entertainment was made for the computer that I use for video editing and was very interesting to make with different colors blending to the starry background. If you like it you can download a large 1440x900 version of it below.
Larger Version!

I came up with this idea when I was listening to the Three Red Lights podcast from and they were talking about a bloody carebears movie and/or game. This inspired the different schemes of each carebear in a sort of portrait.
LGD 2-A Desktop Background LGD 2-B Desktop Background
The second desktop background for Little Green Dwarf Entertainment. This was derived from 4 different photoshop tutorials which I meshed to give it a nice lighting effect with an axe that seemed to be in the wall. I ran out of ideas for text, so I made it off of an old one I made a long time ago. If you like this one you can download it as 1024x768.
Larger Version!

After making the LGD 2a background, I enjoyed the idea of it, but not the text. I wanted the text to be part of the wall near a fire perhaps. This lead me to making this one with a pillow effect to the text. If you like it you can download the desktop background for a 1024x768 quality.
Larger Version!

LGD Desktop Background V.E.N.O.M. Recruitment Poster
I was messing around with the idea of making desktop backgrounds and found a good way to make each one unique by using different shading and lighting. I also took into account the way a majority of desktop backgrounds look on Windows Vista; The new Mac OS; and other such OS's that are new and graphically oriented. If you like it you can download the 1440x900 version of it below. Enjoy.
Larger Version!

I made this after hearing the name of the enemies of the M.A.S.K. on a podcast on I looked them up and made a video of it which is on the page before this one. This inspired me to make a poster which followed to a recruitment video.
Don't Mess with the Mustache Faith
I grew a fat mustache and decided to turn it into a cartoon using an old tutorial.
Larger Version!

I found a nice fading tutorial using the channels of a photograph and contrast extremes then I added my own color overlay which gave an awesome effect.
The Power of the Green Axe Gaia Attacks
This was a second version of my fire axe that met with the theme of mylittlegreendwarf. Thought it was appropriate to post up on the site. I read a tutorial online about manipulating paint brushes in photoshop to sprinkle glowing-like faery dust or something. I tested it out on this one, and followed the theme of mylittlegreendwarf.
Emporer Aaron The Last Supper
I was just messing around with statues. I am very interested in putting my head on a statue, but it is difficult. This one came out pretty funny though. My latest creation of the last supper is meant to be fun and also follows my theme of me being in all the popular scenerios. I enjoy testing myself. I like seeing if I can make something that shouldn't match match.
Join The Familly Flaming Axe
Axe Fire
I created this when I found a series of pictures and meshed them together to make a a picture similar to that of "The Godfather" in the beginning of the movie at the wedding. I made this project when I was messing with modes for images and also with the blur filter and the smudge tool. All these combined gives a very nice fire look. This was mainly a test to see how I liked it. Its interesting. I might use it again.
The Candle M-Class System (Revised)
candle mclass2
One of my more serious projects. I created this from scratch after learning how to make a flame from a lighter or match. This is a work in progress. I plan on adding more background to it. Let me know what you think if you find it interesting. This project was one of my hardest projects yet. I went through and gave texture and definition to the planet and created a moon for the planet as well. I also fixed the sun's melding with the planet using linear dodge rather than screen. I also completely redesigned the star field. Unfortunately I accidently destroyed the psd file, thus loosing access to the star field. However, I have the basic principals of the star field and will apply them to later projects. Oh, and the larger version of this project is really wonderfull to look at. Enjoy!
Larger Version!

Enterprise Dive (Version 3) Emitance
Enterprise Dive2 Emitance
I made this picture when I found a tutorial on making objects look submersed through water and still keep form with little distortions as though it is under water. Then I took that idea and applied it to the diving technique. This is what I came up with. I'm not sure how I will be able to make such a subtle look to the diving distortion, but i'm getting some interesting work in the process. I hope you enjoy this version of the dive with the Enterprise G.
Larger Version!

I made this picture when I was playing with blurring and a few other filters. Including defining edges and twirl. I also played around with color balance as well as the invert picture image adjustment. Overall the color scheme worked out great. I also have the larger version below that is a .jpg which can be used for a background pic. The larger version is 1440px wide and 1440px high. Enjoy!
Larger Version!

The Lost Civilization Axe Reflection
lost civilization Axe Reflection
I made this one while giving a student an example of meshing something that is external with a completly different environment. I used a background picture that I can't remember who I got it from... Maybe Anyways the thinker picture fitted so well that I thought it deserved to be a member of my creative works on my website.
Larger Version!

This project was actually deemed a failure to start with. Mainly due to the fact that it did not do what it was intended to do. This was originally going to be an explosion around the axe. Unfortunately because the image was black, and the creation needed to be started out in white to give a black final product. This is what turned up after the filters were applied. The result was so interesting that I had to post it. It almost looks wooden and metal at the same time with a blue glow around it. I am very moved by this peice.
The Marble Galaxy The Dive in the Sky
Marble Galaxy Dive In the Sky
I found a tutorial for this one while I was looking for the creation of a spiral galaxy tutorial. I used the clouds and many lens flare filters to start with. Followed by a reverse of the polar coordinates and then blurring the lines to mesh well followed by the shading and colorizing. This one came out quite well.
Larger Version!

This is probably one of the most creative pictures that I have made. Every part of this picture comes from me and me alone. I took this picture outside on a cloudy day. Then I thought: "Maybe, I could make my backyard look like a planet from a different galaxy or something." So, I went about first by tweaking colors to add some drama to the picture. Then I decided to add some stars and even make the stars seem like little systems or clusters of stars that were together. Finally I made the galaxys of stars and put them in different parts of the sky. Lastly, I accidently created the dive in the sky, while attempting to create a gas giant next to the planet. Strangely enough it looked better this way and I believe that I found out what the dive will look like. If you are not familiar with the "dive".
Visit: and read the specs for the ship and other information regarding the USS Enterprise G under the engineering section. This will enlighten you on what diving is in respects to star trek. Enjoy.
Larger Version!

Metal Orb 1 Metal Orb 2
metal orb
This was my first attempt at creating the jeweled orb in a metal node. It's not bad, but it doesn't look too much like a jewel in a metal node mainly because of the reflection. I do like the steel node though which will be the ground steps to my second version of this later on. As part 2 of the metal orb; I beleive that this one totally fits the bill. The reflection is great. The actual shading is nice as well as the lighting, and the metal node is perfect. I would say this turned out quite well.
The Toast 2 My Da Vinci Portrait
thetoast2 anafree_davinci
This one I made after trying to follow a tutorial about creating a buble of the person in the photo. I then used lighting techniques that I learned from other various tutorials and then applied them with a few an old parchment overlay to give it a timeless sort of look to it. I spent way too much time on this picture. Just trying to find the picture to use. Followed by the actual painting of shading and lighting was hard with the standard mouse. However, I think it came out quite well, and I believe she feels that way as well.
The Awards Show (Revised) The Godfather
Awards2 godfather
When I first created this scene, I was really new to photoshopa and didn't know the tricks to it. Once I learned a few interesting tricks to it. I went back and found a better picture to use that would best utilize the lighting and the colorization of the awards show. The use of the "Clone Stamp Tool" was instrumental in creating this picture. I hope you enjoy it. Made this when I found an image of me that had this exact angle to fit the head on. I played a lot with the curves tool for lighting effects as well as contrast to give it that lighting and darkening effect.
Eclipse 1 Eclipse 2
Eclipse 1 Eclipse 2
Eclipse 1 is my first real creation and utilization of the lens flare with a few distortion effects added to it in a spherical rendering. I made this version of the Eclipse using two different lens flares, one with the distortions and one to act as two different suns. There probably could have been more work done to this one, but I think it turned out all right.
LGD Smokey Glow The Book Cover
LGDGlow Silouette
I found a tutorial to make an effect that copies to any layer that you desire which emits a glow with a different variety of colors. I re-upped this image with a wider canvas to make the emitance spread further out and not be cut off. One of my more favorited pieces is the silouette of a hero. I made this origionally as an idea for a book cover. I also learned about playing with layers and treating them accordingly to make the text appear behind objects that seem to give it a sense of place in the picture.
M-Class Planet The Dark System (Version 3)
mclass Dark System
This is probably one of the hardest pictures that I have ever made. The main problem that I had with it was creating the texture from a mere image of a rock and dirt. Then applying a series of filters and effects to give it a fade effect from it's sun. This picture is not capable of being done a resonable size. Enjoy!
Larger Version!

The Dark system was created mainly through a tutorial that I found on star creation and manipulation of space dust. This is a newer version of the dark system with a textured planet to make it have a realistic feel to it. I also found a tutorial to make the rings around the planet. I think this is one of my best.
Warp 1 Enterprise Return Dive
Warp1 Enterprise Return Dive
Another tutorial that I found on manipulating clouds and differential clouds to make a lightning like effect then rendered with different saturations of color and brightness to give it a warp like effect. I did this one when I read my buds story about the future enterprises from Star Trek and an idea of traveling to different dimensions. I tried to portray his idea of a return dive from a different dimension.
Trish Colorize Last Samurai Parody
trishcolorize lastsamurai_parody
I tested using hue and saturation in specific areas to give attention to where the color actually is. I came up with the ida of this creation when I saw a parody of ben stiller playing tom cruise in some sort of parody on mission impossible. He looked just like him hair wise. I would say this one came out pretty well.
Phonebooth Comic Two Sun Nebula
Phonebooth Comic Two Sun Nebula
I learned this one when I watched a video from one of the creators of photoshop cs2. He went through a step-by-step comic book creation from any personal photo. I was really intrigued and decided to give it a go. I think the results was very successful.
Larger Version!

I came up with this peice while messing around with clouds and transparency settings involving in it. This is actually a re-editted version of the two sun nebula. All that was upgraded was the star background that was remade using a form of distortion and saturation changes.
The Toast 1 Me at Bagend
Cheers! thereandbackagain
I came up with the toast to test coloring an object for an emphasis aspect on the object. Using a black and white background then taking the glass and coloring the wine gives it a more centered idea around the wine and the aspect of what the wine is meant to stand for. Emphasis is a great tool when doing photo editing. I've also remade this version using saturation and hue for the wine in the wine glass. It came out about the same. I came up with this idea when while trying to create a cartoon replica of a photo. It turned out pretty nice, but I had to make a sort of stitched filter to make it blend with its environment and not look so clear for fictional purposes.
Crazy Kaitlyne The Awards Show 1
Kaitlyne_edit awards
I made this when I was toying with different filters in photoshop and making frames for each one. I made this as a joke for my friends to see me at the awards show with penelope cruz. I took a picture of tom cruise and penelope and then did a bit of shading adjustments to make my head fit in the picture. Also this is the first version of this picture. My second version will be up ASAP.