Welcome to the "About Me" section of the Think Tank. This section will mainly be biographical. The information provided will give you insight on who I am as well as work that I am looking to do. I am also including information about the site itself and how I derived its existence. Thank you and enjoy.

My name is Aaron Read. I was born in Medford, Oregon. However, I have lived in many a place including: Florida, California, Hawaii, England, and have been to many other states to visit. I am going to school to get a BS degree in computer programming and an associate in multimedia. My aspiration in life is to become a game designer for a well known game company like "Bethesda Softworks" or "Lionhead Studios." I am currently learning Maya 8.0 to get in the swing of graphic manipulation and programming. I enjoy creating Multimedia. It is one of my most relaxing moments. You could call me the "Renaissance Man" of Multimedia. I like writing stories, creating graphical art, making web sites, shooting videos and editing them, creating music and mixing it, and creating programs (more entertainment programs then anything.. Like games.) My other hobbies and eventual work includes troubleshooting computer related issues and fixing things. I have the ability to help others with their problems though I don't enjoy it as much as I do it.

About My Little Green Dwarf

I've been through many versions of this site until I eventually came up with what I have now. I've made a flash version, a basic version with a title and then information about me and not a lot of information. I eventually played with frames and then *BAM* I liked the way they worked together. Then when I got sick of my home page I revised the whole thing with a Flash intro. I also changed the default format that the pages were set up to match the theme of the main page. The reason I chose to name my site my little green dwarf was derived by a Photoshop project that I made which contained a central theme of a double edged axe. I also had an original plan for my little green dwarf that was only supposed to contain gaming information, but later lead to 3 different sectors of the website that contain the symbol of the dwarf. It is mainly a hobby of mine that is relaxing to think about development rather than the tedious interactions of everyday life.

Work History


    * Rogue Community College: IT/Network Services: Dec. 2007 - To Present
       Computer Science Tutor/Network Technician

    * Ascentron Electronic Manufacturing: IT/Network Services: Aug. 2007 - Dec. 2007
       Network Administrator/Network Coordinator/Database Specialist/Phone Expert/...

    * Rogue Community College: IT/Network Services: Sep. 2005 - Sep. 2007
       Computer Science Tutor/Network Technician


    Bachelors of Computer Programming: Sep. 2005 - To Present
    Rogue Community College: Medford, OR

    Associates of Multimedia: Sep. 2005 - To Present
    Rogue Community College: Medford, OR


    Active Directory
    Adobe Photoshop 7 to CS3
    DeepFreeze 5 to 6
    Homesite 5.1
    HTML/XHTML/CSS and some XML
    Dreamweaver 8 to CS3
    Flash 8 to CS3
    Microsoft Access 97 to 2007
    Microsoft Excel 2000 to 2007
    Microsoft Outlook 97 to 2007
    Microsoft Power Point XP to 2007
    Microsoft Visio 2003 to 2007
    Microsoft Word 97 to 2007
    Symantc Ghost Server/Standalone
    Serv-U Corporate (FTP)
    IIS 5.1/6.0
    Windows Server 2000/03
    Crystal Reports XI
    Windows 95 to Vista Pro
    Visual Basic 6 to .NET
    Bryce 6 (A little)
    MAYA (A little)


    Microsoft Certified Professional - 9999999


    National Dean's List (3 terms in a row)
    Principal's Choice Award (High School Award)
    Honor Role (RCC thing...)

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