Air Force One

    Finger For Document

    "I'm on the phone!" Finger

    Drop it Lloyd!

American Graffiti

    Cowboy Guy Finger

Apocalypse Now

    The Nerdy Finger

    A Finger For a Cigarette

Blade Runner, The

    Finger For Snake

    The Blurry Finger

    Finger Bartender

    Finger For Piano

Clear and Present Danger

    Confused Finger

    Finger For Clark

    Finger For Ritter

    Finger For Ritter (Hard!)

    Don't Walk Away From Me!

    The Walking Finger

    Really... Another Finger For Ritter...

    The Thank You Finger!

    Don't touch Me, I'm Married!

    Finger For Rose

    No Fair! Rose Gets Two Fingers.

    Finger For Margaret

    Finger For The White House


    The Scared Almost Finger!

    You know that he wanted to do the finger!

Frisco Kid, The

    Finger for the Betrothed

    Finger For Photograph

    "...san francisco is that way..." Finger

    "..stay on this.." Finger

    "..i'm not goin..." Finger

    "..your crazy rabbi.." Finger

    "...they're coming this way.." Finger

    A Kind Finger For The Rabbi

    Finger For Rabbi

    Finger For Flame

    A Finger Aimed At You!

Hanover Street

    Finger For Spy

    Hold Me Back Finger

Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark

    Finger For Doc Oc

    Finger For "...neolithic..." hmmm..

    Finger For The Class

    The New and Improved Mighty Pinky Finger

    Finger For Class Notes

    "...don't forget to do your assignments..."

    Bathrobe Indy For Marcus

    Mourning Finger For Mary

    Finger For Inscription #1

    Finger For Inscription #2

    Finger For Elbow

    Finger For Head

    Finger For Eye

    Finger For ...hey wait a minute...I see what you are doing...

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

    Dr. Jone's Class is a cakewalk!

    The Silouette Finger

    A Finger For Marcus

    The "Shush!" Finger

    Finger For Tablet

    A Finger to Clean

    X marks the Spot Finger

    "..right there..." Finger

    A Finger for the Tombs

    Another Finger For Marcus

    "..come here!" Finger

    "Where are your tapestries..." Finger

    "I told you..." Finger

    "..Venice is this way." Finger

    *Finger Revenge* Connery Gives It Right Back

    A Finger For Dad

    The Original Finger For Connery

    " camels!" Finger

    " name is Indiana..." Finger

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

    Dr. Jones Lecture Finger

    Dr. Jones Lecture Finger 2

    Do Your Assignments Finger

    Last Marcus and Dad Finger

    Finger For Thought

    "Hey kid...your running out of track..."

    Finger For Mutt

    Dr. Jones Easiest Teacher

    "...a good archeologist gets out of the library..."

    Where do aliens come from?

    Finger Peru

    "...the skull is this way..."

    "...right there..."

    The Double Finger

    The Cross Double Finger (Genious)

    The Classic Indi Finger

    The "...well..." *shrug* Finger

    Let Me Catch My Breath Finger

    Waterfall!!! Finger

    Uhh... Another Waterfall!

    Finger For Wall

    Close Up Finger on Wall

    Finger Flashlight

    Wow... Another Finger for the Wall

Mosquito Coast, The

    The First Lecture Finger

    The Worried Finger

    A Lecture Finger

    A Finger For "Fat Boy"

    The Sinister Finger

    " invention.." Finger

    Another Lecture Finger

    A Finger For Peanut Butter

    The Radical Back Finger

    The Singing Finger

    "..the captain should eat first.." Finger

    The Boat Captain Finger

    A Finger For America

    The Behind Finger

    "..make a fishing hole here.." Finger

    The Finger that Leads

    "...the reason is.." Finger

    "..can't you see what i am doing.." Finger

    The Angry Damaged Finger

    The Double Sky Point Finger

    A Finger For His Lip

    A Finger For Bullies

    A Finger For the Greater Good

    A Finger For Our Lives

    The Hush! Finger

    The Stern Finger

    " you listen to me!" Finger

    A Castaway Finger


    Finger For Greg

    Finger For Greg

    Finger For Uncle Sam

    Finger For Uncle Sam

    Finger Tome

    Tome Finger

    Hollywood Fingering

    Finger Hollywood

    I told you, no more elephants... ever! Oops wrong movie.

    Finger Elephants

    Old School Finger

    Old School Finger

Star Wars IV - A New Hope

    Fingering Jabba

    Fingering Jabba

    Fingering Leia

    Fingering Leia

    Fingering Leia's Back

    Fingering Leia

    Fingering Luke

    Finger for Luke

Star Wars V - The Empire Strikes Back

    Fingering Rebellion

    C3PO Finger

    Fingering Tech Officer

    C3PO Finger

    A Finger For Leia

    Finger for Leia

    Fingering Leia Dark

    C3PO Finger

    Fingering C3PO

    C3PO Finger

    Finger For Destroyer

    Fingering Chewy 1

    Fingering Chewy

    Fingering Chewy 2

    Fingering Chewy